August 18, 2012

  • cecile

    And i Hope that 30 seconds to Mars will last a long long long time. Because i love them!!!! Jared, Shanon and Tomo, Congratulations for your work!

  • Well its my first VyRT too and i have no idea how we gonna watch it and Im waiting 4 days for codes or somethink, well i dunno when they should come out, but rly need help! So excited! but worry too soo plz help 🙂

  • Sam

    How do I watch this!? I'M SOOOOOOOOOO NEW TO THIS! & I want to watch #30STM so bad! PLease HELP ME!

  • mollie

    cant wait, my first vyrt ever! but what are you supposed to do once you bought the ticket online??

  • Nadia

    SPAIN is ready to f-ing VyRT, hahahahha, omg, but please tell us the time 🙂

  • @Jareleto I already bought, I look to see the new @VyRT cravings 🙂

  • McKenzie

    WHHHYYY ARE THEY SOLD OUT ALREADY!? This is amazing and sucks at the same time because I won’t be able to watch. :c I really wanted to ‘be there’.

  • Lyla

    Also need to know a time so I can work out what time I should be watching here in NZ.

    Can you please let us know ASAP as me buying a ticket is dependent on the time


  • anna

    same question over here in Moscow, at what time is it?? 🙂 posting a time would b great for ppl who work the next day…

  • Martanobody

    ¿A qué hora será en España?
    What time is it?