ARTIFACT: 30 Seconds To Mars Includes Mexico in New Film

September 18, 2012

In Artifact, the 30 Seconds to Mars documentary about their legal battle with EMI Music for financial disagreements, Mexico has a supporting role.

In the world premiere of the 105 minute film, directed by Jared under his filmmaker nickname or alter ego, Bartholomew Cubbins, the band refers to Mexico as an oasis and a break in the middle of the pitched battle they held with the transnational company for more than 120 days.

“It was impossible not to mention Mexico, one of our favorite countries” Jared said.

“It’s our favorite, right?” Interrupted his brother, Shannon, in an exclusive interview.

“Well, yes, it’s a great country.”

We’ve been treated in a wonderful way, we have great fans there and we are happy to go back every time. We are always getting an amazing, indescribable adrenaline from Mexicans” the Requiem for a Dream and Mr. Nobody star said.

In the film, very few days after the band formed in 1998 in Los Angeles is notified of their legal status, about four years ago, youngest Leto says the only good news they were given back in the day was that they had been nominated for the MTV Latinamerican Awards, so they jumped for joy and immediately agreed to join the show.

They travel to Guadalajara, where they are awarded La Lengua (The Tongue) for Best International Rock Artist at Auditorio Telmex, and we can see some scenes of the press conference as well as some scenes of their journey between the airport, hotel and venue.

In fact, many scenes take place at Quinta Real hotel, located in Avenida Mexico, in La Perla Tapatia, where Jared plays the piano in his suite and hums some of the songs that he’s been writing in the process, many of them made it to the final cut of This Is War, the album talking about this battle.

And we can see a giant Mexican flag for a few seconds.

“I think we all were very pleased with the result, because it’s a material that works as a perfect example for new bands looking to start a music career and thinking that a record label can make their dream come true.”

“We talk about numbers, contracts, people who are there just to get benefit for themselves, on top of the company, leading an obsolete business model, no longer working with the new system implemented by technology.” the frontman of the band, completed by Tomo Milicevic, said.

Before friday midnight, the rock pop band musicians attended the premiere at the Ryerson Theatre, in Toronto, where America’s most important film festival takes place every year.

“There’s nothing we regret about this material. Actually, we are delivering a truthful, real document about a company that’s only interested in making money, business and doesn’t care about people working with them and much less in helping an artist who doesn’t sell too many albums grow.” Shannon said.

Artifact is still waiting for a release date in the United States and Mexico, because, according to Jared, the film needs some editing and its still looking for purchase, sale and distribution.

And they are releasing a new album… through EMI

Even when it’s ironic, 30 Seconds To Mars is working on their fourth studio album, probably out in november or february.

“We are working on the new album and we are not in a hurry, we got a contract with EMI, and yes, it’s coming out through them. It sounds weird, but it really isn’t. We made a deal, as everybody knows, and we must keep it. There are new people, new executives, everything has changed.

“We believe the new album can make a big impact, we want to still be there with our fans and for our fans, we owe them everything” Jared Leto said.

Thanks to @TheGateKeeper26 for the article scan and translation.

  • Rhonda Kiblinger

    I believe in the Integrity of this band. I believe them when they say ,the doc started as something else and decided to document what was happening to them. I believe 30stm let it flow organically and trust the love and support of the universe to deliver the truth, which it always does- painful or not. They did not run from this , even to coming back full circle to forgiveness! I believe they are living life fully and don’t you want to too?!?! Kudo’s to this band who truly deserve all the success! Thank you for letting me watch! Peace!

  • 2hearts1mind

    How can any of us forget the travels 30 Seconds To Mars just finished less then a year ago? This breaks my heart reading crap, can't imagine how the guys feel nor crew.( What pressure they all must be under, not to metion all the projects in between. I not going anywhere…. 30 Seconds To Mars:) take as long as it takes, sing beauty and enjoy that break you talked of while touring…. Love you tooo much.xo.

  • I can't wait for new album! November or February sounds much better than soon πŸ˜€ (polska jest wszΔ™dzie)

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  • Amy Weatherford

    I was also told about the November or February timeframe by someone on Twitter. I watched the ARTIFACT Q & A but nothing was said. Damn, got my hopes up for nothing! I am so anxious to hear the new music, followed by a new tour! I miss seeing these guys on stage where they belong!

  • @asplinterofice

    can't wait for the official release of this masterpiece called Artifact

  • weirrdnerrd

    Annapeasoup: People claim Jared also said this on the Q and A for Artifact πŸ™‚ but Jared never mentioned the year… πŸ™‚

  • The new album being out in November or February thing is NOT true. I have a feeling the article threw that in there to stir something up. I don't know why this was posted here on their official website, seeing as how it has inaccurate information :/

  • CamTheEchelon

    Can't wait for this new album!!
    November or February… Of this year?? Really :O
    I'm dying to hear the new songs!! πŸ˜€

    • Nancy

      Me too!i can't wait to hear them!!;-)

  • Lilia

    OMG! I'm so happy you included my country in Artifact!! + I'm so dying to see it, please release it in Mexico soon πŸ˜€

  • Ex-fan

    Leto can you be more hypocritical? Yeah EMI sucks, yeah young band don't sing record company but no we're recording 4th album with them and it's cool beacuse sb changed there. Are you on drugs? Who are you selling this crap to? Young 13 y.o pussies? I fucking lost respect for all the band. Pomping money, pomping money, pomping money that's all u are now.

    • M…

      you can't read or what? THEY MADE A DEAL which means: they have to fulfill its terms or pay for breaking it…

    • Beth

      Did you not even read the article? Or anything that’s ever been published about the whole EMI thing? Nothing you’ve said makes any sense.

      • EmmAaa

        Well, I am bothered too, hey never say what exactly the terms are, right? I am not madly researching it but we'll probably never know the deal they signed?
        There are so many things we don't know and it'd be the best to stop judging but I take everything with a pinch of salt.

        • koryn

          because you know a lot of band's contracts terms?
          How many bands would do that? why?
          Because they fought them & made a movie?
          It gives you no rights.

          Do you think your in a real TV show?
          -To fire Jared Leto cause he didn't tell you when he go to pee, do the 1.
          – To fire Calimero cause he always complains, do the 2.

          30STM is not your thing (Echelon in general),
          this is a band, with problems or joys, I find them really opened compared to a lot of musicians, singers, other bands. And not after "pomping money" as huge "artists" do.

    • terj

      are you serious??? in case you didn't know they still have a 1,7 mil debt to EMI and they are going to release the new albums with EMI until they pay all their debts. All the money pomping with TIW u're talking about was used and is still used for this debt. It's delusional to think you can get away so easy from a contract when you're in 1,7 mil dollars and who knows, maybe the terms from the new deal are slightly better for the band. In any case, a contract is supposed to be confidential, of course nobody is going to say what exactly the new terms are. I for one i'm grateful to them that they still exist and they didn't gave up, even if it is with EMI or not

  • tuuuuuuuuuu

    VIVA MEXICO CABRONESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • tuuuuuuuuuu

    MEXICO *_* DE DONDE YO SOY!!!!!!!!!………….. LOS AMO !!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€