April 9, 2013


PARIS!! We have a surprise for you tomorrow at 12:00AM CEST, but you’ll have to find out for yourselves…

Follow one of the clues below with the help of the map:

– Clue #1 is really close to the French Iron Woman
– Clue #2: Girls know the way to get to the Galeries Lafayette
– Clue #3 always comes right after September 3rd
– Clue #4: Thirty Seconds To Mars coming to PARIS, c’est vraiment une ….. …….. !!

Get there and you will find what our surprise is — take pictures and send them to us on Twitter @30SECONDSTOMARS + @LiveNationFR! GOOD LUCK.


  • Eric Lynch

    so did I win or what…you say you wanted more ….what are you waiting for….I am not finished with you…
    This is who I am really am inside…

  • Eric Lynch

    I live in South Carolina, but was passing through Paris this past weekend and what did I happen to see….You should have seen the ol’ guy putting this up. He put 2 of em right beside each other in one of the Metro stops.

  • Eli

    Jared I can ask you something?

    forgetting your position and making emphasis on your anonymity and your personal qualities?

    Something about my last year in the University or College… It´s important to me.

  • DeannaVass

    I love riddles! Too bad I’m not from Paris… Will you have a surprise for Greece?