April 18, 2013


Come worship with the Church of MARS and bear witness to the alternative rock kingpins as they get ready for their next multi-year world tour.

Join THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS’ Jared and Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic for
a special intimate performance as they debut new material for the first
time, and perform selections from their classic repertoire.

In addition the band will screen the short for their latest hit “Up In The Air” and a glimpse of their award winning documentary Artifact.

The Church of MARS will take place in 4 cities – Boston, Washington DC,
Chicago and Philadelphia.

Tickets for the event are available via the supporting radio stations in
each city and stay tuned to THIRTYSECONDSTOMARS.COM for other ways to be
at the show…

Listen to the following radio stations from tomorrow morning onwards for
full details;

For Boston; Radio 929, WAAF, WBRU Providence, WCYY Portland, WMRQ

For Washington DC; DC101, WRXL Richmond, WHFS Baltimore, WIYY Baltimore,
WROX Norfolk

For Chicago; Q87.7, WLUM Milwaukee, WRZX Indianapolis

For Philadelphia; Radio 104.5


    Out of the 7 or 8 shows I’ve been to of Mars, Church Of Mars Philadelphia was the best show yet ! The guys played wicked Monday night and were extremely into their set. I would watch Tomo for a while, who was happy as could be and playing like the MOFO he is, Shannon on Conquistador blew my mind, probably gonna be my fave song on LLF&D. Jared’s singing and running around everywhere, onto the floor, onto the fans, opening in the back, all brilliant and so Spirit lifting for me! Truely, when I left that venue I was a changed woman. I felt satisfied due to such fantastic music and entertainment, I felt hopeful after free meeting & signing after show and I just felt like my soul had been renewed with their music and presence. Thank you 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Your music completes me. Absolutely. Don’t have a clue when I’ll see you again since the States are not included for a long time, especially East Coast, but I surely will be traveling to see you once you get back to States. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music. And thank you for meeting & signing for free after show. So, so appreciated. Safe Travels,God Bless and may all your Dreams and Desires become a reality because you certainly deserve it! xoxo May 21st will be an Epic day!!

  • The best buy on Clark (in Lincoln Park/Chicago) still has over 50 VIP passes for the Chicago date (today, May 9th, 2013) available for anyone who pre-orders LOVE LUST FAITH AND DREAMS CD in-store.

    Go. Stop whining. -_- Two tickets and the CD for $11.50 is a STEAL, available at a major retail location. Jeez, people. How much easier could it get?

  • Thank you so much. Coming to Boston all the way from England for this. I just have to pack.

  • “This tragedy hits close to home especially as my brother and I lived in Massachusetts and spent weekends in Boston off and on as children. That brief but special time will always be a part of who we are. We hope this small gesture helps in some way and lets the people of Boston know we are thinking of them and that we care. We are so proud to be able to play our very first show for this new album in Boston.” – JARED

    Limited Edition Lithographs featuring the artwork shown will be sold exclusively at the CHURCH OF MARS: BOSTON show, Tuesday, May 7 — All proceeds will benefit The One Fund Boston, founded by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.

  • cris

    how can i get the tickets for the Church of MARS on Washington Dc?

  • I cannot wait to see them in concert, I hope they have a regular tour soon!

  • Stacy

    TSTM the East Coast NEEDS you!! There have been few opportunities to see you in the past few years. We hope and pray with all the Love Lust Faith & Dreams in our hearts that you will come back for a regular tour and let us celebrate the love of life and music with you.

  • Christina Abbott

    Holy shit, I wont tickets to the D.C. show!!!!!

  • I would love to see you guys in concert, never have!! I’m crossing my fingers, praying, sending out good vibes, etc. whole nine yards!! I did pre order on the 8th! Stoked for album release on May 21st!! Love you all! XO

  • Please come to Oregon!!! Or Washington!!


  • Extraordinary idea 🙂

  • Hope to see you guys in Miami! This is a cult….

  • ù.ù

  • disqus_lQjjBg8Fy7

    Out of ALL the stations listed for Boston, only one is participating?????

  • Really!? What about NYC AND NJ?? We buy your records we deserve a chance to try and win although I work 8 hours everyday and don’t have time to listen to the radio.

  • I really hope I can win tix from DC 101. Been wanting to see you guys for years, and luck was never on my side for that. Would love a chance to watch you in person, because after the year I’ve had, I need some good luck.

  • I would give anything go attend the philly Church of Mars! No luck as of yet with the radio contest but I will keep on trying!

  • @twitter-1122298692:disqus esto es genial thirty seconds to mars de regreso con sus increibles canciones!!!

  • just casually waiting for you guys to come near florida… soon


    just entered for the contest in boston..praying to win and trying to keep the faith tht i might win ..love u guys hope to see u in boston at my first mars show ever!!! luv u once again xo

  • Melissa

    Trying to win tickets right now in Chicago!! I need all of the luck in the world right now!

  • I’m gonna be sooooooo down if I don’t win see you guys in Philly!!!!


  • Anybody know any details on when the Boston show is happening and how to get tix?

  • Lisa Crocker

    Can’t wait but HFS was at Privateer Day today and the chic from the station didn’t seem to know anything about the contest 🙁

  • Untill then I’ll wait. One thing I am is patient

  • lorna bronson

    Well I don’t think I am coming can’t seem to get my hands on any tickets for this private concert…I will just wait until you do a concert that I will be able to buy the tickets for, Hopefully I can make the drive a short one….meaning lots of venues to pick from, I hope

  • ilovehim_jtu@yahoo.com

    Why only 4 states? Some of us dont have the means to travle 4-6 hours one way to see you guys. The last time you were in Indiana you rescheduled. I had tickets and the day off work but I couldn’t get the new date off, ended up sitting at home the day we should have been watching you on stage and worked the day you guys were here. Although I got my money back, I would have rather seen you guys live. I am disapointed that you dont care enough about your fans to give more than just 4 dates. 😐

    • It’s because of the bombings that happened in boston. This is a special event.

  • Miss Lola J

    Linda’s post is unbelievable! They tour Europe due to their popularity. They will never sell out stadiums in the USA like they do over here. That’s why they play here. But remember one thing Linda…the UK hasn’t had a proper non festival show since 2010. There was two additional tours of the USA in 2011. Plus hurricane screenings, the NYE show and mars 300 week all were held in the USA. Has rest of the world ever had anything of special or novelty value? No! So kindly shut your whining face and do your homework before you post.

  • Yay!!!! They came up with a way to fight the scalpers! I am so happy they did this! I know a lot of you are complaining but consider this here is California there is a Mars show that had a presale and within 10 minutes of tickets going on sale tickets became available on stubhub for this show and the $40-$50 tickets were now up to $900 on stubhub. So Echelon a-holes are ripping off people and thus making it so that only wealthy people can be anywhere near the stage. Winning tickets by way of radio is a great solution. Please don’t complain this is a wonderful system, plus they said stay tunned to their website for other ways to attend these shows. [I>

    • It’s only wonderful if they actually give away the tickets. Myself and my friends have been listening to the radio since this morning and they haven’t said a word about 30stm. DC101 has played Up in The Air multiple times and even tweeted that they had “news” 8 hrs ago but never did anything past that. It’s a waste of time to just sit around and wait for something that isn’t going to happen.

      • That is so not optimistic at all, have some “Faith” and keep trying. Not bothering at all will not get you what you want. You have to fight for your dreams and never give up on what you want. I listened to the radio for a week straight from 6:00am till 5:00pm to win our tickets for BFD and yeah it was well worth it. Then again I am a believer.

    • To be completely honest, and I totally agree with you on the note of this being a great way to prevent scalpers, is that since this is primarily through the radio (as in you have to text a certain keyword or call at a designated time), not meaning to sound selfish, but I am afraid that this would result in many people whom don’t really care too much for Thirty Seconds to Mars and the music ending up winning the tickets due to being glued to the radio all day and always participating in these sort of contests no matter what, which would of course consequentially fire back at those passionate fans of the band whom would beyond love to attend one of these special Church of Mars shows, but cannot due to some non-fans winning the tickets due to luck with the radio.

      • I understand what you mean. For the record my husband and I won tickets for a show out here for 30STM via calling in and winning tickets on the radio.

  • I would like to go….Guys, come to El Salvador please

  • Kira

    so how exactly do we get tickets? bc I have been listening all day and none of the radio stations near me have mentioned it. Have you guys in other cities had any luck?

    • I haven’t heard anything on the DC stations and the VA stations haven’t announced anything. I am starting to get really frustrated. DC101 tweeted 4hs ago that they were going to announce something and they still haven’t.

  • Forever waiting.

    • Kira

      I really hope we get info soon, I’m going out of town until Monday I don’t want to miss it! You all better start posting when they come out with info 🙂 haha

  • kendraro

    Really hoping for a spring show on the (south) east coast that I could buy tickets for and plan to be at – some of us have lives where that’s required! And it is only my humble opinion, but I think the guys could be playing bigger venues stateside, (not that I mind the size we’re in, I think it is a treat) if the tours were planned and promoted better, they are done like an afterthought, poorly planned out and last time around they were rife with cancellations. (when I say poorly planned what I mean is, a schedule that is impossible for folks who might want to attend multiple shows in a region, but does not own a private jet) After all that, I will be there when they come anywhere close enough for me to drive!

  • I’m listening in Milwaukee and I have heard nothing…. Has anyone heard anything yet? 😛

  • I have to win tickets..i will go to either of these cities..I will drive, fly, hop, jump, i don’t care how i get there I will get there…now i just to have to win tickets!!!!

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  • No matter what the guys do there’s always a complainer….

  • Some Echelon complain too much. I don’t live in the East Coast. I don’t even live in the USA (or Europe). But I loved the idea and I’m glad for those who will watch these intimate performances. You, Jared/Shannon/Tomo, are so careful with us that I only can say thanks. Some Echelon have a lot to learn about gratitude. Can’t you see that MARS guys are doing their best to be with us everywhere?

  • Some Echelon complain too much. I don’t live in the East Coast. I don’t even live in the USA (or Europe). But I loved the idea and I’m glad for those who will watch these intimate performances. You, guys, are so careful that I only can say thanks. Some Echelon have a lot to learn about gratitude. Can’t you see that MARS guys are doing their best to be with us everywhere? Stop complaining about everything!

  • LeighG

    At least the other countries are getting shows…South Africa is left out 🙁

  • Алим


  • Lori Watts

    um….how about Kansas City??????