CITY OF ANGELS: The Official Lyric Video

August 23, 2013



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A Message from JARED:

Someone once said…”Work is the bridge between dreams and reality”. So just be warned: if you have big dreams be ready for a ton of work. :)

So there we were. Deadline city. Once again. A lyric video was needed. We were way past deadline and without any real options in sight. We were getting desperate. Having just finished Do Or Die and already shooting / editing City Of Angels there wasn’t much time to get one in order. Esp one worthy to share with you all. So I said F*ck it, grabbed my camera, went up to the hills of Hollywood and shot. We came back with this. Its mostly one take, a couple cut aways. But very simple overall and sometimes that’s for the best.

This footage will definitely be a part of the short film for City Of Angels. So, its a taste of things to come.

We got really lucky with some incredibly gorgeous light and maybe some magic from an Owl that kept us company during shooting. If u look close you can even see him fly right by me.

Really nice to be able to share such a beautiful sunset with you all.

Stay tuned for the short film coming #soon…


  • jaklin hammam
  • Paola

    In every dark moment of my life I discovered one of your songs that gave me the energy to go on with a smile on my face… Thank you for everything…

  • sm3

    It’s great.

  • Gabriele Lerch

    The “City of Angels” in my vacation in 1992 :-)

  • aurelie

    it’s so beautiful and very peotic, without complications! great :)

  • Gabriele Lerch

    Thank you very much Jared, it´s wonderful! I visited your beloved City a few times and I love it to be there. I understand the words and feelings you find for the City of Angels very well.

  • Gabriele Lerch

    Thank you Jared, it´s wonderful. I visited your beloved city a few times and I also love it very much to be there! I understand the words and the feelings you find for the city of angels very well!

  • Sandu

    Rips the soul! cool song!)) I’m not even in Los Angeles!)) he became to me as native! fanks!!!!!))))))

  • Thru△̶Shia

    Crazy brother Jared! :-)

    Your songs are shivers down my spine, your word wash my soul, my heart beats with the drum, my eyes are coloured by immagination and strange creatures. I feel ALIVE.

    one word: THANK YOU

    Ila, from Italy… with love ☮

  • Letícia B. Silva

    I’ve been missing a lyric video for this and now we have. It is so inspiring and peaceful! So proud of you guys for the VMA award, and waiting for the film! Good luck, we know we are busy!!!

  • adryana

    surely everyone will tell you millions of compliments so I’ll just say thanks for making me happy with your music, don`t change, i think you are an awesome person and such a great inspiration,,, love+faith

  • Kristin Tafjord

    I am home. Beautiful Words from a beautiful mind. Thanks!

  • Monika Burke

    omg i love the owl! it should be a theme~hawk in War album owl in this one~what’s next :)

  • LoreDiaz ₪ ø lll ·o.

    Thank you 30 seconds to mars for EVERYTHING!!!! you showed one more time how much you care of people of ECHELON FAMILY of EVERYTHING LITTLE THING about LOVE AND LIVE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! =)

  • Carine Vandermaelen

    Like they say: no pain, no gain… your music and your videos always amaze me. Stay just the way you are, guys, we just ♡ you.


    in many occasions already i have commented that i believe that you are a combination of originality and dedication because of it your letters they reveal passion what does that all your fans you continue being unconditionally faithful,for my 30STM they are described as perfection and City of Angels is the victory of one long and hard way. you are the number one. i am Spanish,sit my English.

  • birgit mülders

    i read just the message ,of jared to us and its really true, the bridge between dreams and reality is sometimes very small and hard to go , and sometimes little things that you share give you more back than you think to believe ,that is a kind of art i love most of you , its works , because you love what you do and we can feel it ,dont change your mind ,thank you that you are so speziell.. thank that you are here . i cant see it in germany , but i feel it must be perfect and i love owls.

  • Natashia

    Got to say that this is an amazing short film and if the rest of the city of angels video is as brill as this i want to see more, i love do or die i so cant wait to experience the mars concert again in November and LA is so gorgeous when you get the sunsets over the hills and work, work, work and plot and achieve and those dreams will come true i know mine are gradually. Hope one day to see a dvd with all these little short films on as that is what they are not music videos. Best wishes and a huge thank you for sharing your inspiration and words with us all xo

  • Filipa Antunes

    That’s just beautiful !

  • jeny

    waouuuuh I haven’t words.

  • Asya

    My congratulations on winning “Up In The Air”!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

    I wish you a success and wins of all your future works.

  • Leticia Luz

    just perfect…. always perfect!!!!


  • LoveLady24

    I love it!

  • Maëva

    I really love the sunset effect and the profile of J ! :)

  • Maëva

    Thank you for this little thing, so kind of you all ! But i still can’t wait for this video !

  • Be my Guest

    Thank you Jared.. we appreciate everything you do, it’s always with so much love and passion

  • JessyF

    It’s too beautiful to be true!

  • Haydée Braica

    Whenever you do is perfect because it does love. And this video is spectacular lyric of City Of Angels. And was waiting.

  • Dominique roussel

    Whatever you do …. It brings lights in my life ! And joy in my broken ❤!

  • Tanya Summer

    CITY OF ANGELS ♥ “One life, one love. Live.” Thank You for it all Jared ツ

  • Briget

    COOOOL…Ni trop peu, Ni pas assez…PERFECT…quoi dire de plus !!!! il est ouf^^ ce
    Que du rêve…et ça fait rêver..c’est sûr…